TAILOR's Pflegeserie Mood Shot


Modern men are versatile: they give everything in their job, they help with the household, they take care of their kids, they like meeting their mates – and they are keen on care.


That’s why TAILOR’S offers exactly the kind of caring products that attracts modern men. A cool packaging which is functional and good looking, products that are easy and effective in the usage and scents which reflect a manly character. Furthermore, the products of our care series mostly offer several benefits – like for example the 3-in-1 which is shampoo, shower gel and shaving foam in one product – and are suitable for all types of hair. Precious ingredients like organic tea tree oil, extracts from herbs like rosemary or peppermint, stimulating agents like caffeine or menthol – that’s how men like to take care of themselves! PARABEN FREE HAIR COSMETICS