TAILOR's Rasurserie Mood Shot


The TAILOR’S Shaving Series has been developed with the same basic principles the entire brand is based on: Uniqueness. Individuality. Non-Conformance. Masculinity. And all that with an unmistakable style.


The TAILOR’S Shaving Series offers products of the highest quality, both for REAL men who want to remain and take special care of their beard and/or moustache, but also for REAL men who every now and then want to partly or entirely shave down their beard and/or moustache, even if it is temporarily, for example every year in November. True craftsmanship paired with passion, innovation and the highest quality - these are the attributes that are filled with life in hairdressing & barber salons every single day - and values that also represent the modern man of today, that takes care about a well-groomed appearance. With some true product innovations, like for example our unique 3-in-1, and some new and surprising marketing promotions, such as our TAILOR’S Fragrance Battle, we once again proved why we are amongst the fastest growing professional haircare brands around the world. We dare to be different, we challenge ourselves and our many clients every day and above all we stay true to who we are: just some cool guys who want to develop, create, produce and market original Swiss Made products for men. REAL men!

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