TAILOR's Stylingserie Mood Shot


Whether as food, construction material or now in cosmetics: bamboo is a true all-rounder and therefore we have also discovered this extract for TAILOR’S.


No wonder: bamboo is extremely flexible, yet stable, characterized by fast growth and contains a variety of active ingredients. Bamboo is in its firmness the symbol of strength and indomitability but at the same time extremely flexible. The cells of the stems contain huge amounts of lignin, which makes them so firm and are the precondition for the enormous height. Bamboo contains up to 77% of silicium, a trace element that is a part of skin & hair as well and with that, it improves structure and gives moisture to hair. Even the growth of hair is stimulated by silicium – a real allrounder! The TAILOR’S styling products with fortifying bamboo extract have been especially developed for the styling of creative men hairstyles. The hair becomes more resistant and vital. It gets more voluminous immediately without looking or feeling weighed down and a fresh healthy look that is protected from everydays’ stress. The TAILOR’S styling products contain pure, ecological organic bamboo extract, extracted from the fastest regrowing and most resilient vegetable resource of our planet – because we care for our planet.

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